Calgary Board of Education

Information Processing Courses

Students are introduced to the proper use of word processing software, including document creation, editing and printing of properly formatted documents. In addition they will develop the skills necessary to use appropriately, a spreadsheet software for calculation and a presentation software for present their ideas to a larger audience. The impact of technology on the business world means that rapid changes are occurring every day in offices. Our students who will be the employees of tomorrow, will face the challenge of adapting to frequently changing technology in their work environments.

To meet this challenge, students must develop skills to interpret information, follow instructions, communicate orally and in written form, make use of electronic media and solve problems. Information Processing gives students the opportunity to learn the power of the software and use it to solve problems and make decisions. Students will use Microsoft Office 2010 software, the Internet, and a variety of graphics programs to prepare documents in real world simulations.

Detailed information regarding Comptuer Application Courses

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