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Legal Studies Courses

Legal Studies is an academic option where students learn basic and practical legal information and develop skills and attitudes to enable them to respond appropriately to the impact of law on their daily lives. Good reading and comprehension skills are required, as students must be able to understand legal terminology. This is a participative class where students will be grouped and attendance will be counted on by group members.

What are an individual’s rights? Students look at real life case studies and realistic scenarios to help gain a better understanding of our Canadian Legal System. They look at the different aspects that involve Public Law where we explore the criminal code. In Private Law, students examine the differences and variances between civil and criminal law and explore federal and provincial court systems

This course also includes Employment Law where we look at human rights legislation, contracts of employment, employment standards and unions. Students also have the opportunity through Law and the Traveler to learn their rights when traveling domestically and internationally. Lastly, in Relationship Law, students learn the legal requirements of marriage, what happens during a divorce and what the rights of a child are. Throughout the course, students will participate in presentations, group projects, case study discussions, film and documentary studies and a mock trial.


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