Calgary Board of Education

Management & Marketing Courses

We offer Management and Marketing at the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. Students earn 5 credits per course by completing modules which are worth 1 credit each. Some courses may offer extra modules, depending on time and the previous academic history of the students.

Topics include basic management and marketing concepts, e-commerce as a marketing strategy, and different types of visual merchandising.

Students will identify and demonstrate retail operations that are typically performed off the selling floor and/or away from customers. The will learn about different organizational structures, management theories and organizations as working units.

Other topics include the investigation of economics to how business decisions are made within the community, provincially, nationally and internationally. They will examine the opportunities and challenges that confront business persons in establishing a global business operation.

Students are introduced to broadcast communication channels, print media, delivery strategies and advertising media that can be used to inform potential customers about products and services available in the marketplace.


Detailed information regarding Business Management Courses

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