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Robotics Courses

“We shape our tools and our tools shape us.”
                                                                         - Marshall McLuhan

In Robotics, students will design, create and program a series of robotic units with a focus on electrical fundamentals including soldering and electronics, programming theories including an introduction to coding, and CAD theories including an introduction to 3D printing. In this area students are introduced to the fundamentals of electricity and safe work practices. They will learn to solder electronics components and will review the fundamental concepts involved with working on electronic circuits such as resistance, capacitance, inductance and electromagnetism.

Using CAD software in both 2D and 3D spaces, students will learn the fundamentals of Computer Assisted Design and Drawing. They will apply these skills in a variety of design-oriented assignments that will lead them to producing portfolio-ready drawings. The skills they learn in this unit will then be applied to rapid prototyping with the lab’s 3D printer.

The course includes an introduction to Arduino a programmable microcontroller that is an up and coming technology that allows students to experiment with programming while seeing the results of their programming control their electronics from the Electrical Assembly unit. The system uses a variety of hardware including the Arduino Uno and Redbot Mainboard to teach the basics of coding.

Each robotics semester concludes with an overarching project that brings all of the technical and design elements that students have learned through the year together. This challenge could involve an autonomous robot challenge such as RobotSumo or a remote control challenge that includes a more significant design component such as balloon battling robots.


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