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Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program® fosters excellence in student achievement. Students who take AP® are challenged to think for themselves and to engage the world critically and analytically in and outside of the classroom. The AP® Program prepares students for future success. Students can earn advanced credit or advanced standing at thousands of colleges and universities on the basis of their AP® achievements.

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EM High offers internationally recognized advanced placement programs for students who excel in academics, languages and the arts. Students may choose to take one or several advanced placement courses depending on their interests and talents. These programs provide students with opportunities to work on university level courses within their grade 12 school year.

Advanced Placement advantages include: students learn at an accelerated pace with other like minded individuals; students could potentially receive university credits and early acceptance into many post secondary institutions; students are better able to think for themselves, reason, analyse, and understand more mature concepts; students are more likely to graduate from university with a double major and are twice as likely to pursue a Ph.d.

From the moment you enter the AP® classroom, you will know you are about to experience a unique learning opportunity. You will notice the teacher’s approach to the subject, the attitude of your classmates and the way you will start to think. AP® courses can help you acquire the skills and habits you will need to be successful in post secondary education; such as sharpened problem solving skills, enhanced time management and study habits.

Advanced Placement Document

AP Courses Offered

Since not all AP courses fit into a student’s timetable, support from the AP Coordinator and Guidance Counselors are available for AP course selection choices. 




Science 10 Pre-AP
(first semester)

Biology 20/30/35 AP **
(may be taken either in grade 11 or 12… recommended in grade 11)

Chemistry 20 Pre-AP
(second semester in grade 10 or recommended in any semester in grade 11)

Chemistry 30 / Chemistry 35 AP **
(may be taken either in grade 11 or 12… recommended in grade 12)

Physics 20 Pre-AP
(second semester)

Physics 30/35 AP **
(may be taken either in grade 11 or 12… recommended in grade 11)

Mathematics 10 Pre-AP

Mathematics 20-1 Pre-AP

Mathematics 30-1 Pre-AP /
Mathematics 31 AP **

English 10-1 Pre-AP
(English Literature and Composition)

English 20-1 Pre-AP

English 30-1 / English Literature & Composition AP **

Social Studies 10 Pre-AP
(European History)

Social Studies 20-1 Pre-AP / European History 35 AP **

Social Studies 30-1

Computer Science Intro.
(Computer Science A)

Computer Science Pre-AP

Computer Science AP **

Chinese 10-6Y Pre-AP
(Chinese Language & Culture)

Chinese 20-6Y Pre-AP

Chinese 30-6Y AP

General Music 10 Pre-AP
(Music Theory)

General Music 20 Pre-AP

General Music 30 AP

Art 10 Pre-AP
(Studio Art)

Art 20 Pre-AP

Art 30 AP / Art 35  **

* The AP schedule may be subject to change due to student interest and/or low student enrolment.

** This is a full year course from September to June.