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Art Department

Our Mission

To Create Critical Connoisseurs and Proficient Creators of Art

Our Vision

We provide a cohesive department that instills in our students the value of art as an important aspect of society and as a lifelong endeavour.  Students will gain the skills and attitudes required to carve out their place in the multifaceted world of art.  

Our Result

Within the world of art, each student, in keeping with his or her individual skills and style, will complete the program with the ability and passion to create and appreciate art throughout his or her lifetime.


Our Students are Artists

We believe that our students should find a voice and the opportunity to express their creativity through the visual arts. Our students are unique individuals in the context of a studio environment, who can celebrate their own diversity as well as the diversity of others.

Our Students are Learners

We believe that learning within the arts empowers students to discover their passion and to express it.  Working in a cutting edge environment will allow students to continuously expand upon and enhance their knowledge of art. Through guidance and encouragement, relationships created will allow our students to reach their true potential in their chosen medium for expression.

Art Education Contributes to the Culture of Ernest Manning

Educating students in the visual arts is essential to create a well-balanced and cultured community within the school.  As a department, we value not only our dedication to our students, but our accountability to our school as a whole.  Our students' passion within the arts should be an awe-inspiring facet to the everyday lives of all within the building. The philosophies of the visual arts drive our responsibility to our students and our overall contribution to our school culture.

Advanced Placement Studio Art

An interview with a student talking about her experiences in the Advanced Placement Studio Art Program at Ernest Manning

Fine Arts

Calgary Board of Education Detailed High School Course Guide (pdf)

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ACAD Winners

Congratulations to EM students who took part in the ACAD Showoff Competition, this past weekend. There were 400 entries submitted to ACAD, from which they chose 75 pieces. All four of our girls who submitted, (Danielle B, Tiffany R, Larissa C and Thea Van D. had their pieces selected to be a part of the show in the Illingworth Gallery. Two of our students, Danielle and Tiffany received honourable mentions for their work and both received scholarship money towards their tuition to ACAD. Also, congratulations to Thea who won one of the two Pre- College Scholarship to ACAD for grade 11's at a value of $2400.

In addition, congratulations to our Art Department who were the recipients a ACAD matching grant.

Rozsa Centre Celebration

On December the 10th the Ernest Manning Music program held its annual Christmas concert at the Rozsa Centre. The evening was a mix of all genres of music including jazz, concert choir and wind orchestra selections. It was a cold winter evening but the reception by friends, relatives and parents was warming. The music program was pleased to also have the Art program represented at the concert. Student art was displayed in the Great Hall at the Rozsa and was enjoyed by all patrons in attendance. The art pieces showed a wide variety of skills and creativity from the artists featured in the show. There were a mix of medium from sculpture, graphite to paintings. It was truly an outstanding event showcasing the skills of all the students involved. Mr. Cesselli, Mr. Part, Ms. Field amd Mr. Goudreau were all pleased with the students and how they represented themselves and Ernest Manning High School.