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Career and Technology Studies (CTS)

ACAD MDC Dual Credit

This program allows students to earn first year post-secondary credits in the areas of Design and Communication Technology from the Alberta Collage of Art and Design. Students can earn credits towards three programs: VSCM 101- Design Fundamentals; Visual Communications 101; DRWF 115- Design Drawing 1; and VSCM 103 – Digital Media. Students are available to access the post-secondary credits upon successful completion of the Alberta Education career and technology courses. This program is geared for our students who are interested in gaining a competitive edge for post-secondary admission in graphic and visual design.


This course will identify and investigate the formal and expressive qualities of the basic visual elements of design. Students will develop the ability to manipulate basic elements of design using visual techniques and principles of organization. Students will be introduced to the relationship between form and content in visual communications.

COM 1005 Visual Composition DES 1030 2-D Design 1
COM 1025 Typography DES 2035 2-D Design 2
DES 1020 The Design Process  


This course is an introduction to (Apple/Mac) digital technology and core visual applications. Students are exposed to the range of applications used in the design industry, including the Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and Acrobat). This course also provides a historical overview of this technology. It is intended for students interested in understanding and developing basic skills in core digital imaging and text tools.

COM 1005 Visual Composition COM 2045 Vector Graphics 1
COM 1025 Graphic Tools COM 3035 Electronic Layout & Publishing
COM 2035 Raster Graphics 1  


This course is a comprehensive and rigorous study of the fundamental elements of analytical drawing. Describing three dimensional form on a two dimensional surface is the basis of the course study. This design course is intended for students interested in either Fine Art, Crafts, and Design majors who want to develop visualization drawing skills. This course is based on a series of projects that explore the fundamental elements of drawing, including line; shape and volume; value; texture; spatial relationships; and perspective. A variety of wet and dry drawing media will be explored.

DES 1010 Sketch, Draw & Model DES 2036 Evolution of Design
DES 1060 Technical Design & Drafting 1  






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