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Career and Technology Studies (CTS)

Graphic Design

Students learn to employ fundamental elements and principles of design within their work while they develop essential skills in a project-based and self-paced learning environment. Students are introduced to the expanding graphic design, web, and communication industry where they will gain exposure into the visual areas of design. Students are taught the Adobe Creative Cloud using programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and After Effects.
Students in the Intermediate and Advance levels will develop their program based on their individual interests and future career pathways. Students will come to understand that in the profession of Graphic Design. A successful communication piece comes not only from creative inspiration but also through careful critical analysis and hard work.

Introductory Graphic Design

No Prerequisite Required

COM 1005 Visual Composition COM 1035 Graphic Tools
COM 1015 Media COM 1055 Web Design 1
COM 1025 Typography COM 1165 Printing

- Students have the opportunity to enroll in the ACAD Visual Communication Design program after they complete the Introductory Graphic Design program.

Intermediate Graphic Design

Prerequisite Introductory Graphic Design

Students decide on their own professional learning plan:

COM 2015 Media Impact COM 2145 Animation 2
COM 2025 Electronic Layout & Publishing 1 COM 2155 Design – Brand Identity
COM 2035 Raster Graphics 1 COM 2165 Printing 2
COM 2045 Vector Graphics 1 COM 2285 Client Services 1
COM 2055 Web Design 2  

Advance Graphic Design

Prerequisite Intermediate Graphic Design

Students decide on their own professional learning plan:

COM 3025 Electronic Layout & Publishing 2 COM 3145 Animation 3
COM 3035 Raster Graphics 2 COM 3155 Design – Advertising Campaigning
COM 3045 Vector Graphics 2 COM 3285 Client Services 1




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