Calgary Board of Education

Career and Technology Studies (CTS)

Film / Broadcasting

Students will develop an appreciation of film, television and video as a distinct form of art, communication technology and visual media that reflects diverse social, cultural and global perspectives. Students work with pre-production, production and post-production aspects of television and film production include producing live multi-camera television broadcasts and single camera productions. Students will develop experience in concept design, planning, and techniques to produce animations that tells a story or communicates an idea, message, or creates a theme or mood. Designed to take students into an in depth study and understanding of the animation and media production world - each student will produce a portfolio of work that can be submitted for film festivals or post secondary admission.

Introductory Film and Broadcasting

No Prerequisite Required

COM 1005 Visual Composition COM 1145 Animation 1
COM 1105 Audio Video COM 1910 COM Project
COM 1015 Media  

Intermediate Film and Broadcasting

Prerequisite Introductory Film and Broadcasting

COM 2105 AV Preproduction 1 COM 2145 Animation 2
COM 2115 AV Production 1 COM 3165 AV Broadcasting
COM 2125 AV Post Production 1  

Advance Film and Broadcasting

Prerequisite Intermediate Film and Broadcasting

COM 3005 Creative Writing COM 3125 AV Post Production 2
COM 3105 AV Preproduction 2 COM 3145 Animation 3
COM 3115 AV Production 2  






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