Calgary Board of Education

Career and Technology Studies (CTS)

Natural Resources - Pre Geologist

These course clusters are designed to capitalized on Alberta's natural resources and related industry. Students with an interest in oil and gas, renewable resources, metals, forestry, urban agriculture, geology, petroleum engineering and the petroleum industry will find something of value in exploring these areas of study.

Introductory Environmental Stewardship

No Prerequisite Required

ENS 1010 Introduction to Stewardship ENS 1040 Living with the Environment
ENS 1020 Fostering Stewardship ENS 1110 Natural Resources
ENS 1030 Consumerism  

Intermediate Environmental Stewardship

Prerequisite Environmental Stewardship introductory.

ENS 2040 Environmental Health and Safety ENS 2210 Sustainable Building Design & Construction
ENS 2050 Environmental Ethics ENS 2220 Energy Conservation Principles
ENS 2130 Renewable and Non-renewable Energy Resources  

Advanced Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship intermediate required

ENS 3040 Energy and the Environment ENS 3210 Sustainable Community Planning and Design
ENS 3050 Environmental Politics ENS 3220 Energy Conservation
ENS 3130 Sustainable Energy  




Calgary Board of Education Detailed High School Course Guide (pdf)

Media, Design & Communication Arts (MDC)

Natural Resources (NAT)

Trades, Manufacturing & Transportation (TMT)