Calgary Board of Education

Career and Technology Studies (CTS)


Introductory Photography

No Prerequistie Required
Access to a 35mm manual camera and digital camera is desirable.

This introductory course will explore the fundamentals of using a ‘Digital SLR’ camera. Students will use manual settings (aperture and shutter speed) to capturing the elements and principals of a photograph. They will critically assess their pictures’ composition, lighting and details making further adjustments using current photography software (Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop). Projects are given to develop individual and team problem solving designs using a variety of electronic presentation.

COM 1005 Visual Composition COM 1215 Photography - Exposure
COM 1035 Graphic Tools COM 1275 Photography – Digital Processing 1
COM 1205 Photography - Introduction  

Intermediate Photography

Prerequisite Introductory Photography
Access to a 35mm manual camera and digital camera is desirable.

This intermediate course will provide an opportunity for students to further develop their ‘Digital SLR’ camera knowledge and techniques. Students will delve deeper into the photographic process, learning more about the camera, its various lens’ and the power of its settings. Students will reflect on the artistic process and apply a critical eye to their world and the art they create. The intermediate student will be introduced to electronic layout & publishing techniques and storytelling with photographs.

COM 2025 Electronic Layout & Publishing 1 COM 2215 Photography – Communication
COM 2035 Raster Graphics 1 COM 2235 Photography Lenses
COM 2205 Photography – Composition COM 2285 COM Tech Client Services 1

Advanced Photography

Prerequisite Standard: intermediate photography
Access to a 35mm manual camera and digital camera is desirable.

This advanced course will give students the opportunity to create a portfolio of work that challenges their creativity from a journalistic perspective enhancing their media and technology literacy. The student will be introduced to staged lighting, creating ‘High Fashion’ settings for their subjects utilizing such equipment as strobe lights, soft boxes and photo filters. Students will create art through photography, printing and digital imaging.

COM 3205 Photography - Lighting COM 3245 Photography - Outdoors
COM 3215 Photography – Photojournalism COM 3247 Photography – Digital Processing 2
COM 3245 Photography B/W Digital Techniques COM 3285 COM Tech Client Services 2


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