Calgary Board of Education

Career and Technology Studies (CTS)

Pre-Architecture-Design Studies

Introductory Design Studies

No Prerequisite Required

This course introduces the basic computer assisted drafting and design (CAD). Skills that are developed can be used in other courses. This course provides exploratory modules in Drafting, Architectural Design, Mechanical (Robotics theme) and Animation.

DES 1010 Sketch, Draw & Model DES 1040 3-D Design 2
DES 1020 The Design Process DES 1050 CAD 1
DES 1030 2-D Design 1  

Intermediate Design Studies

Prerequisite Standard: Drafting and Design INTRODUCTORY

This course covers the basics of architectural drafting and design. Students will expand skill with both computers and drafting equipment to design and draw house plans, develop and apply 3D modeling skills.

DES 2035 2-D Design 2 DES 2065 Technical Design 2
DES 2045 3-D Design 2 DES 2075 Technical Drafting 2
DES 2055 CAD 2  

Advanced Design Studies

Prerequisite Standard: Drafting and Design INTERMEDIATE

This course covers technical drawing and design: develop skill in CAD (Computer Assisted Design) to model, render and animate, and futuristic designs.

DES 3055 CAD 3 DES 3095 Architectural Design
DES 3065 Technical Design 3 DES 3170 Future of Design
DES 3075 Technical Drafting 3  




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