Calgary Board of Education

Career and Technology Studies (CTS)


Introductory Robotics

Basic Principles of Robotics

DES 1050 CAD 1 ELT 1130 Robotics 1
ELT 1010 Electro-Assembly 1 ELT 1140 Robotics Applications
ELT 1050 Electronic Power Supply ELT 1910 ELT Project A
ELT 1080 Control Systems 1  

Intermediate Robotics

Prerequisite: Robotics introductory

DES 2055 CAD 2 ELT 2140 Robotics 2
ELT 2010 Electro-Assembly 2 ELT 2160 Robotics Sensor 1
ELT 2020 Electrical Servicing ELT 2170 Robotics Sensor 2
ELT 2030 Branch Circuit Wiring  

Advanced Robotics

Prerequisite Standard: 5 credits Robotics intermediate
Course Fee: $45.00

This course will cover the basics of adding sensors to a robotic system. Teams of students will design and develop robots that can accomplish a series of tasks.

DES 3055 CAD 3 ELT 2950 Intermediate Practicum
ELT 3180 Robotic Vision Systems ELT 3950 Advanced Practicum
ELT 3190 Robotics Kinematics & Behaviour  




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