Calgary Board of Education

English Language Arts

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS  30-1 (5 credits)

Prerequisite Standard:  English 20-1: achieved 65% or greater


  • Designed for students to become actively involved with literature, using effective strategies for appreciation, understanding and critical response
  • Students practice effective writing, using a variety of techniques and styles to suit the purpose and audience
  • Students speak clearly and effectively in a group and for an audience
  • Students evaluate, use and appreciate visual communication
  • Students listen actively for theme, ideas and details, being aware of the purpose of the communication
  • Designed for students working toward post secondary entrance

ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS  30-2 (5 credits)

Prerequisite Standard:  50% in English 20-2 or less than 65% in English 20-1.


  • Designed to study literature that fulfills a variety of goals, including reading for information, for understanding, for appreciation and for enjoyment
  • Students focus is on communication skills using a variety of purposes and audiences
  • Students understand and evaluate the message and the components that create the message in visual communication
  • Students use the active process of listening to evaluate the spoken message, being aware of the tone, purpose and validity of spoken communication
  • This course has a practical application base designed for students who plan to attend college or other such post-secondary institutions


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