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Fine Arts

Fine and Performing Arts Certificate Program (PDF)

Fine Arts: (Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Art)

While the arts share many commonalities, each art form has its distinctive elements.

Mission Statement

Ernest Manning’s Department of Fine Arts provides students with a superior Arts Education, nurtures ethical and responsible leadership, fosters excellence in creative discovery and research, and contributes to the cultural enrichment of a global society.


  • To provide the highest quality arts education within a liberal arts tradition
  • To enhance the quality of life through creative discovery and research in the arts
  • To create and educate collaboratively across disciplines
  • To attract and support a community of gifted students and faculty
  • To foster an awareness of cultural diversity
  • To contribute to students’ development as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in a global community

Learning in the arts involves:

  • Igniting individual imagination, intuition and emotion
  • Understanding and applying the skills, techniques, processes, vocabulary and technologies of the Arts
  • Creating and presenting individual and collaborative artistic work.

Fine Arts

Calgary Board of Education Detailed High School Course Guide (pdf)

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The arts both express and engage the human spirit in profound and powerful ways.  They give our children and youth a sense of the world outside themselves, uniquely touching the  timelessness of history and the limitlessness of the universe while helping them celebrate community. 
The arts are an integral part of Canadian society.”
(National Symposium on Arts Education 2004, p. 1)

“The development through Arts Education, of an aesthetic sense, creativity and the faculties of critical thinking and reflection, inherent to the human condition, is the right of every child and young person.” 
(UNESCO 2006, p. 15)