Calgary Board of Education


Ernest Manning High School opened in 1963 at a cost of close to 3.5 million dollars. The school is named after the eighth premier of Alberta, Ernest Manning. It opened with 1400 students and by the mid 1970's, grew to 1700 students. The school itself had much more to offer than the standard matriculation courses presented in other high schools across the country. It was considered leading edge. Students had a wider field of choice in programs to help prepare them for the world of advanced study, business or trades courses. Being fully equipped in the usual sense, having three gymnasiums, a large auditorium, with a mezzanine floor, a cafeteria and a well equipped library. The school also housed a complete shop area to accommodate motor mechanics, welding, tin-smithing, commercial art and drafting. Offering choice to students has been an ongoing accomplishment. Closure of the original Ernest Manning High School was approved by the Board on October 7, 2008. Design for the new building commenced in October 2008, in accordance with a tri-party agreement between the Province, the City of Calgary and the CBE.

In September 2011, Ernest Manning High School relocated to the Springbank Hills area and opened with close to 1300 students. After collecting and reviewing input from more than 2000 students, parents, staff, alumni and community members, it became clear the majority of respondents overwhelmingly favoured keeping the existing name. The Calgary Board of Education Trustees voted unanimously to transfer the name to the new location. Ernest Manning High School, or EM High as more commonly known, continues its long standing history of preparing students for their future. Setting high academic standards, offering choice and personalizing learning are the tenants of its existence. Advanced Placement, second languages including mandarin, pre-engineering, pre-architecture, culinary arts, cosmetology, outdoor leadership, international certificates are some of the choices offered. Access to the Career and Technology Centre and online learning are some of the new distributed learning models currently embraced and available to students.

Principals of Ernest Manning High School

1963-1965            Mr L.W. Roberts
1965-1970            Mr T.T. Humphrey
1970-1973            Mr M. MacDougall
1973-1981            Mr H. Sharlow
1981-1985            Mr G Unsworth
1985-1990            Mr L. Hall
1990-1993            Mr J. B Braun
1993-1995            Mr J.R Frank
1995-1998            Mr J.W. Stevenson
1998-2002            Dr B. Bamford
2002-2009            Dr W.M. Christison
2009-                   Mrs M.C.Hood