Calgary Board of Education

Host Families
Did you know that many international students have applied to study at Ernest Manning High School and would like to live with a Canadian family? 

CBE International and Manning are seeking families willing to invite international students in their home for his or her study year.  Hosting is a wonderful opportunity to bring a small part of the world into your home.  Your family has the opportunity to learn about other people and cultures and build lasting friendships; while providing the international students with reciprocal benefits - the full Canadian experience.

Host Family Requirements

The “host requirements” are pretty simple.  Your family includes and treats the student as family, which means he/she participates and follows the guidelines and expectations you set out for your own children.   As well the student should be able to have a private bedroom.  You receive monthly financial compensation for hosting.

Kim Horricks and Leah Arkley are the CBE’s Global Learning Services Homestay Coordinators.  Their role is to find host families and provide ongoing support to both the students and families during the student’s stay in your home.  Kim and her family are also enthusiastic homestay hosts as well so Kim is willing and able to answer any questions you have about the process and address any of those “but what if…” type questions.

If you are interested or think you might be interested please fell free to contact Kim or Leah at 403-817-7711 or visit .

Help us provide student from across the world a chance to enjoy EM High, our community and Canada.