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Language Programs


Chinese Language and Culture 10-3Y (5 credits)

This is a beginner course for students who have no or limited Chinese background. The main focus is to develop basic listening and speaking skills in Chinese through the facility of Pinyin system. Students will also develop an appreciation of reading and writing Chinese characters and Chinese culture through print and digital devices. Students who are not familiar with Pinyin are advised to start with this course.

Chinese Language and Culture 20-3Y (5 credits)

Prerequisite: Chinese Language and Culture 10-3Y
This is an intermediate course with a main focus on improving reading and writing as well as listening and speaking in Chinese and expanding Chinese vocabulary and sentences so that students will be able to communicate in Chinese on simple topics such as shopping, housing, and meeting friends in a global setting.

Chinese Language and Culture 30-3Y (5 credits)

Prerequisite: Chinese Language and Culture 20-3Y
This is an advanced course with a main focus on continued refinement of fluency in Chinese and knowledge in Chinese history, economy, cultural diversity, and geographic disparity. Topics include school life, future career plan, studying in Chinese speaking universities, etc.

Chinese Language Arts 33—Advanced Placement (5 credits)

Prerequisite: Chinese 30-3Y
This is a Chinese course equivalent to college level fourth semester Chinese course. It aims to immerse students in Chinese language and culture from the Chinese speaking world and develop students' proficiency in a full range of language skills and cultural knowledge with objectives of taking AP Chinese exam, SAT Chinese, and Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK).


Language Programs

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