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Off-Campus Education

Off-Campus Education connects what students learn in school with the real world in a variety of ways, including job-shadowing, volunteering and even paid positions. Through partnerships between students, businesses and agencies in the community, and the school, Off-Campus students explore and expand their career interests and aptitudes. Students who participate in Off-Campus education benefit by:

  • learning and developing the knowledge and skills demanded by business, enhancing their future employability
  • gaining valuable hands-on work related experiences that open up additional opportunities for future employment

the opportunity to gain insight to their career development options which support successful transition from school to work and from school to a post-secondary institution.

Two of the most popular Off-campus Education programs are:

  • Work Experience - gain on the job experience and earn up to 15 credits towards your diploma
  • Registered Apprenticeship Program - training with qualified journeymen instructors and earn up to 40 credits towards your diploma

Off-Campus opportunities are available for students in Grades 10, 11, and 12. The school has very limited ability to find a position for Off-Campus students and in reality the majority of students will have or find their own position. Our Career Practitioner will meet with the student to address certain activities such as resume writing, mock interviews and application submissions. Students interested in learning more can make an appointment with Mr. LaBerge in the Career Centre for additional information.

Off-Campus students, in partnership with their work place supervisor, are monitored by their Off-Campus teacher. The Off-Campus teacher must approve the students work site and learning plan at the start of the Off-Campus experience. The student and Off-Campus teacher communicate regularly about progress in the work place. The Off Campus teacher will make pre-arranged site-visits for observation, communication and discussion purposes. Students may record hours for Off-Campus credits any day of the week between 7AM and 10PM and are covered by Worker's Compensation through Off-Campus during these hours. Hours worked outside 7AM-10PM cannot be counted for credit and will only be covered by the employer's Worker's Compensation.

Work experience and Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) credits can be earned through Chinook Learning Services Summer Off-campus program.

Unique Opportunities

We partner with a variety of businesses and non-profit organizations to offer unique opportunities that combine learning with career experiences. Unique opportunities are available to CBE high school students and are continually added throughout the year.

The documents on the Unique Opportunities page provide detailed descriptions, information about our partners, how to apply, and important dates.


Off-Campus Education

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Off-Campus Education

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