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Registered Apprentice Program (RAP)

The Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) is an Alberta Education program that allows high school students to begin their apprenticeship training while completing their high school course work. Full-time high school students in Alberta may begin the program as early as the summer after grade 10 and can earn up to 40 credits towards their diploma. Students can select from more than 50 designated trades and occupations to explore.

Like Work Experience, RAP students work in approved work sites and are supervised by an Off Campus teacher. RAP students also document their hours by submitting time sheets, and are evaluated by demonstrating their learning to their employer and Off Campus teacher. Because they are registered with Apprenticeship and Industry Training, the learning plan followed by RAP students is defined by the requirements of their trade.

RAP students can spend up to half of each school year working as an apprentice. Some RAP students choose to work full time for one semester and attend school full time for the other. Some RAP students will arrange their timetable so that they can attend school for half of each day then work the other half of the day. Other RAP students will attend school full time during the school year and work as an apprentices during the summer only, or they will work part time as an apprentice in the evenings and on weekends. RAP can be flexible to meet the learning needs of the student as well as to meet the needs of the employer.


Off-Campus Education

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Off-Campus Education

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