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Physical Education


Prerequisite Standard:  Physical Education 20 (65%)
Content:  The Physical Education 30 program is a continuation of the Physical Education 20 program with some added activities.

  • Develop programs initiated in Physical Education 20
  • May include sailing, squash, kayaking, mountain biking, cross country skiing
  • Five service hours required

PHYSICAL EDUCATION 30 Leadership (10 credits)

Prerequisite Standard: Admission is by application and recommendation by PE 20 teachers; open to all students who have successfully completed PE 20
Fee: $100.00
Physical Education 30 Leadership is a full year course that blends a leadership class with a PE 30 program. Students will receive 10 credits for the year; 5 for the PE component and 5 for the Leadership component. Students will be exposed to the same activities offered through the regular PE 30 program, with the addition of a leadership hostelling trip, and a camping trip (TBA). Students will engage in practical projects that help to develop and challenge their leadership capacity. They will get the opportunity to engage in leadership projects such as: running tournaments, helping to develop the school’s athletic website, writing articles for the school newspaper and organizing athletic pep rallies, to name a few. This is a dynamic class for students who love to participate in physical activity all year and want to develop their leadership capacity in an athletic setting as well!



Physical Education

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