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Physical Education

SPORTS MEDICINE 15 (5 credits)

No Prerequisite Required

Content:  This is an elective course for those students who are interested in working as student trainers with one of the school’s athletic teams. The course is presented on a module system where students receive one credit per module. The Modules are as follows:

  • Health and Wellness Fundamentals
  • Musculoskeletal System 1
  • Injury Management 1
  • Community Volunteerism (20 hrs outside of class working with school team)
  • Project Taping

SPORTS MEDICINE 25 (5 credits)

Prerequisite Standard:  Passing of all modules in Sports Medicine 15

Content:  This is the second level of Sports Medicine for students interested in pursuing education in the fields of sports medicine, physical education, athletic therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. This course is presented on a module system where the students receive one credit per module. At this time the modules have not been confirmed with Alberta Education, but will be related to the following topics.

  • First Aid and CPR
  • Injury Management 2
  • Nutrition and Wellness
  • Community Volunteerism
  • To be announced

SPORTS MEDICINE 35  (5 credits)

Prerequisite Standard: Passing of all modules in Sports Medicine 25

Content:  The focus at this level is on advanced sport medicine treatment and rehabilitation.

  • Review and develop skills from Sports Medicine 25
  • Advanced anatomy, kinesiology and physiology as this relates to assessment, management   rehabilitation and referral of athletic injuries
  • A leadership role as a senior athletic trainer
  • Independent research, athletic massage, facility management, sports psychology and career   explorations, nutrition, drugs in sport
  • 50 additional hours outside of class time required




Physical Education

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