Calgary Board of Education

Physical Education

T.E.A.M. LEADERSHIP 10/20/30 (5 credits per year)

Prerequisite Standard:  Pre-session workshop in March.

Grade nine applicants must register for the workshop through their Junior High  Counsellor.   Class members participate in the planning and production of school wide activities throughout the year.  This course is non-semestered and operates from September to June.  Students are expected to continue in this course for three years (Grade 10 through 12).


  • Study leaders and leadership styles
  • Develop leadership skills - communication, conflict management, planning, decision-making, teambuilding
  • Practice leadership skills by organizing and coordinating major school activities including dances, assemblies, spirit weeks (EMFest), fundraisers, and other co-curricular events.




Physical Education

Calgary Board of Education Detailed High School Course Guide (pdf)

Physical Education 10

Physical Education 20

Physical Education 30

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