Calgary Board of Education

Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Calgary Board of Education students are among the best in the world and consistently achieve first-rate results. At Ernest Manning High School, our students are no exception. They achieve above the provincial average on Diploma Exams, Advanced Placement Exams and the SAT Exams. Countless numbers of students are recipients of scholarships, many covering the entire cost of their degree. Most Ernest Manning students proceed to Universities all over the world, finding great success in their endeavours. We have a proud tradition of delivering strong Academic, STEM, Athletic, Music, Artistic, Dramatic Arts and career focused instructional programs.

Since its opening in 1963, and relocating to Springbank Hills in 2011, Ernest Manning High School has embraced innovative practices that strive for the best learning environments for students. Recognizing the need to provide choice for all students, it is one of the first schools in Canada to offer a variety of programs to help prepare them for the world of advanced study. Today for example, Ernest Manning High School offers over 14 Advanced Placement courses, 5 international languages, and a wealth of STEM (Science, technology, Engineering and Math) related credit courses. EM offers a Continuous Learning environment where students can study 12 months of the year should they choose to do so. We are preparing our students with the necessary skills to ignite a nation’s future economy as we launch students into a high-tech, globally responsive, interest based educational learning experience.

We believe that in order to prepare our students to live well in a future that embraces rapid change, particularly technological, we must be open ourselves to new ways of thinking. Students will need to be creative and innovative in order to make their way in the world beyond high school. They will need to be digitally able, problem solvers, critical thinkers and embrace an entrepreneurial spirit. We are mindful that we are charged with providing an education for the realities of their world, not ours. Our goal is to engage our students in authentic learning opportunities, through applied skills while working on real life problems.

We believe our students flourish in an environment where a variety of high quality learning opportunities are offered through extensive program choices designed to accommodate diverse learning styles, needs, interests and abilities. This is achieved through unearthing deeper connections to foster competencies, rather than expanding content. Our teachers seek educational experiences that spark purpose, meaning, interest and authenticity to ignite student passions. These passions or vocations come from within and are developed during these significant high school years. Teachers as designers are critical in this process. Their pedagogy invites students into an experiential endeavour that reflects the complexity of the student world. This is supported with the best of technology, pedagogy and change knowledge (Fullan, 2013) - the application of practice.

EM nurtures a school environment that allows students to excel, to be contributing citizens and to be well prepared to advance in the world of work and the ever changing world around them. We believe our students need to be both informed and involved; to possess the character to do what is ethically right; and to achieve their highest personal potential. We strive to foster learning, growth and the development of the whole child. Our motto "Lead, Learn, Innovate” speaks to the notion of our students ready to make a difference in not only their lives, but in the world at large.

We invite you to further explore the extensive program opportunities Ernest Manning High School can offer through our website or by contacting me personally.

Myra C. Hood