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Welcome to Ernest Manning High School

Our students are among the best in the world and strive to attain excellent results. They consistently achieve above the provincial average on diploma exams and are recipients of numerous scholarly awards. We have a proud tradition of delivering strong academic programs augmented by alternative instructional programs. We strive to foster learning, growth and the development of the whole student.

We believe our students need to become citizens who are both informed and involved; who possess the character to do what is ethically right; and achieve their highest personal potential. Therefore, we aim to create an environment that allows students to excel, to be contributing citizens and to be well prepared to advance in the world of work and the ever changing world around them. At EM High, we encourage the growth and development of these beliefs in our students by preparing them for responsible participation in their both local and global communities.

In September 2010, our school embarked on a cutting edge initiative in Alberta. EM High students were the first to access the new Career and Technology Centre, located off site. This Centre provided new opportunities for our students, integrating academic studies and technical curriculum, expanding the concept of schooling and personalizing learning based on student interests and talents. Further preparation for employment and post secondary studies are achieved. This new initiative is one of the many ways we prepared for the move to our new location in Springbank Hills.

We are excited to be in our new location and will continue to embrace our steep traditions of the past and redefine our future to support a 21st century concept of schooling. Our role is to nurture intellectual entrepreneurs who cultivate ingenuity, imagination, creativity, as well as a civic responsibility. We invite our students to commit their best to our dynamic school community and become the pace setters of the future.

On behalf of the staff at EM High, we welcome you to our strong community of excellence:

Myra C. Hood, B.Sc., Dip.Ed., MA




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