Calgary Board of Education


SCIENCE 10  (5 credits)

Prerequisite Standard:  65% or more in Grade 9 Science.
Content:  Science 10 provides first year high school studies in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  There are 4 units which all include

  • Energy Flow in Technological Systems
  • Cycling of Matter in Living Systems
  • Energy Flow in Global Systems.

SCIENCE 20   (5 credits)

Prerequisite Standard : Science 10 65% or >80% in Science 24.
Success in this course will lead to: Science 30 (This academic course is designed for students who will not be pursuing Science programs at the university level.)
• The changing earth - Geology
• Changes in living systems - Ecosystems
• Chemical changes - Chemistry
• Changes in motion - Physics
• Each unit in Science 20 uses a different context to identify common patterns of change and to investigate the
processes by which natural entities and systems are modified over time

SCIENCE 30 ( 5 credits)

Prerequisite Standard: Science 20- 65% or Chemistry 20, Physic 20.
Success in this course will lead to: an entrance requirement for many post-secondary programs
• Living systems respond to their environment - Biology
• Chemistry in the environment - Chemistry
• Electromagnetic energy - Physics
• Energy and the environment - Current and alternative energy sources
• The themes of “systems” and “energy” run through all the units of Science 30. The components of a system influence each other not only by transfer of energy but also by transfer of information




Calgary Board of Education Detailed High School Course Guide (pdf)

Advanced Placement

Science 10/20/30

Science 14/24

Science 10-4/20-4 (K&E)

Biology 20/30

Chemistry 20/30

Physics 20/30