Calgary Board of Education


CHEMISTRY 20  (5 credits)

Prerequisite Standard:  65% or greater in Science 10.
This course deals with such topics as:

  • The Diversity of Matter and Chemical Bonding
  • Forms of Matter:  Gases
  • Matter as Solutions, Acids and Bases
  • Quantitative Relationships in Chemical Changes

Work in the lab will reinforce the theoretical concepts.

CHEMISTRY 30 (5 credits)

Prerequisite Standard:  65% or greater in Chemistry 20 and Math 20P. In our experience students with 65% in Chemistry meet with success in this course.
This is a more theoretical course than Chemistry 20 and includes such topics as:

  • Energy in chemical reactions
  • Equilibrium of chemical systems
  • Acid/base chemistry
  • Oxidation-reduction reactions
  • Organic Chemistry

This course is a prerequisite for many science-based programs at post-secondary institutions.




Calgary Board of Education Detailed High School Course Guide (pdf)

Advanced Placement

Science 10/20/30

Science 14/24

Science 10-4/20-4 (K&E)

Biology 20/30

Chemistry 20/30

Physics 20/30