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Social Studies

SOCIAL STUDIES 20-1  (5 credits)

Prerequisite Standard: 65% or greater in Social Studies 10-1.

Content: This course examines “Perspectives on Nationalism” and students will explore the complexities of nationalism in Canadian and international contexts.
• They will study the origins of nationalism and the influence of nationalism on regional, international and global relations.
• The infusion of multiple perspectives will allow students to develop understandings of nationalism and how nationalism contributes to the citizenship and identities of peoples in Canada.

SOCIAL STUDIES 20-2 (5 credits)

Prerequisite Standard: 50%+ in Social Studies 10-2 or 45% - 65% in Social Studies 10-1. Students with a 45-49% in Social Studies 10-1 may receive retroactive credits for Social 10-2 only upon successful completion of Social Studies 20-2.

Content: This course examines “Understandings on Nationalism” and students will examine historical and contemporary understandings of nationalism in Canada and the world.

  • They will explore the origins of nationalism as well as the impacts of nationalism on individuals and communities in Canada and other locations.
  • Examples of nationalism, ultranationalism, supranationalism and internationalism will be examined from multiple perspectives.
  • Students will develop personal and civic responses to emergent issues related to nationalism.

Social Studies

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