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Canada Winter Games

Congratulations to the following student-athletes who recently competed in the 2015 Canada Winter Games in Prince George, B.C.

Paul Ayer Paul Ayer
Figure Skating Dance Novice Mixed
Stephanie Profitt Stephanie Profitt
Alping Skiing Slalom - Silver, Super G, Ski Cross
Davis Clement Davis Clement
Freestyle Skiing Big Air - Silver, Moguls - Silver, Slopestyle, Dual Moguls
Omid Raoufin Omid Raoufin
Alpine Skiing Slalom Para - Silver, Giant Slalom Para - Bronze
Kelvin Cochrane Kelvin Cochrane
Alping Skiing Slalom
Josh Reeves Josh Reeves
Snowboard Slopestyle,
Adrian Hannigan Adrian Hannigan
Speed Skating Long Track 500m - Bronze, 1500m - Bronze, 3000m, 5000m
Meaghan Ruttan Meaghan Ruttan
Artistic Gymnastics Beam - Bronze, Floor - Bronze, Uneven Bars, All Around
Kapronczai Julian Kapronczai
Freestyle Skiing Moguls - Bronze, Dual Moguls, Slopestyle
Kurtis Schreiber Kurtis Schreiber
Figure Skating Pairs Novice Mixed - Bronze
Tia Kattler Tia Kattler
Alpine Skiing Slalom
Daria Sepandj

Daria Sepandj
Biathlon 12.5 km Individual, 7.5 km Sprint, 10 km Pursuit

Astrid Lauf Astrid Lauf
Synchronized Swimming Figures, Duet
Won Son Hee Won Hee Son
Speed Skating Long Track - 500m, 1000m
Katrina Lopez Katrina Lopez
Figure Skating Pairs Novice Mixed - Bronze
Kali van der Woort

Kalli van der Voort
Alping Skiing Ski Cross - Bronze, Slalom

Dylan Marineau Dylan Marineau
Freestyle Skiiing Big Air - Bronze, Slopestyle - Bronze, Moguls, Dual Moguls
Liam Wallace Liam Wallace
Alpine Skiing Giant Slalom - Gold, Ski Cross - Bronze, Super G
Cassidy Peterson

Cassidy Peterson
Speed Skating Long Track - 1500 m, 1000m

Speed Skating Short Track - 500m, 3000m

Gregor Zed

Gregor Zed
Snowboard Slope Style

Registration for 2015-16


Application packages for the 2015-16 school year are now available.  Please complete and return the entire application package to the National Sport School prior to March 1, 2015.   


Document Checklist:

  • Completed NSS Application: Basic Information form (page 4).
  • Completed NSS Application: Specific Parent/Guardian Information form (page 5).
  • Completed School Academic Review form (in a sealed envelope) (page 7).
  • One of the following two items (as applicable):
    • If applying to the NSS as a student-athlete affiliated with a specific sport (“sport-specific stream”):
      • National Sport Organization (NSO) and Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) ‘sport approval’/endorsement (in a sealed envelope) – see Appendix I for further information. DO NOT complete the “General Athleticism” section of the application ( pages 9-11)
      • OR
    • If applying to the NSS as a student-athlete with athletic potential but NOT affiliated with a specific sport (“general athleticism stream”):
      • General Athleticism Stream Application - see Appendix II for further information. COMPLETE the “General Athleticism” section of the application (pages 9-11)
  • Please retain a copy of the entire completed application package for your later use.


Submit completed application package unfolded in an 8”x11” envelope by hand or mail to:
RE: NSS Application Process
Admissions Committee
National Sport School
110-151 Canada Olympic Road SW
Calgary Alberta T3B 6B7


Deadline for STEP 1: Application is MARCH 1st. Incomplete applications WILL NOT be considered.

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