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June 2017 Exam Schedule

(UPDATED) Diploma, PAT and final exam schedule for June 2017 can be viewed HERE.

2017-18 Applications for NSS

Application packages for the 2017-18 school year are now available. Please download the attached application package and complete. NSS Application


The following must be completed by the deadline referred to below:


Document Checklist:
A. Completed CBE Student Registration Form: Appendix A

............•The student's Birth Certificate, Canadian Citizenship Certificate, Passport, Visa, Permanent Landed Immigrant document or other official document must be submitted along with this form
B. Completed Student/Parent Agreement and Application Processing Fee
C. Completed Either Appendix C or D based on the below:
............Appendix C: If applying to the NSS as a student-athlete affiliated with a specific sport ("sport-specific stream"):
............• National Sport Organization (NSO) or Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) 'sport approval'/endorsement (in a sealed envelope)
............Appendix D: If applying to the NSS as a student-athlete with athletic potential but NOT affiliated with a specific sport
("general athleticism stream")

Submit completed application package unfolded in an 8"x11" envelope by hand or mail to:
RE: NSS Application Process
Admissions Committee
National Sport School
110-151 Canada Olympic Road SW
Calgary Alberta T3B 6B7
Deadline for STEP 1: Application is MARCH 1st . Incomplete applications WILL NOT be considered.


Grad Photos

Graduation Photos for the class of 2017 will be taken on February 22,23 or April 3,4 at NSS.

School emails!

As part of CASL ( Canada's Anti-SPAM Legislation ), CBE and our schools need permission before sending parents “commercial” messages. Commercial messages include email and text messages on topics such as school fees, book sales, community or school events that involve costs, community or school fundraisers, class ring sales, uniform costs, and much more.  This would include our weekly parent email.


You can subscribe any time at to receive commercial messages from NSS.

School Council Presentation -Thursday, September 29, 2016. ( 6:30 PM )

Clare Fewster is a tremendous NSS resource.  As a staff member for over 10 years, Clare has gathered a wealth of knowledge about the challenges of being a student-athlete. Clare will be sharing her insights about stress and the student athlete. Specifically, she will highlight some of the challenges adolescent student-athletes face as they navigate their way through the demands of school, sport and being a teenager. She will also discuss how we, as parents, can support our children through these pressure-filled years. Clare will outline how she can work with our student athletes to assist them with the unique challenges they can face.  

Congratulations Stefan Daniel - Paralympic Athlete

Stefan (NSS class of 2015 ), won a silver medal in mens triathlon at the 2016 Rio Paralympics. CONGRATULATIONS Stefan, Olympic silver medalist!

2016-17 calendar

Download the school calendar for 2016-17 by following the link on the right.

PDF Version of 2016-17 school calendar
Microsoft Office 365 Home Use

All CBE student have access to Microsoft Office 365 for use on their home coputers. Below are instructions for downloading and installing the software at home.

Windows OSX

Adobe Home License

All students in the CBE also have access to purchase a home use version of the software for their own, non-commercial, personal use. 


Please use the following Alberta Education 3rd party provider to get more information on how to access the Student Home Use program.

Read and Write Gold Home use

Please find attached updated instructions for students to access the Home Use version of Read&Write Literacy Support software. The download links are hosted on the CBE Corporate site and the attached document contains the password to access the software. Terms of use, download and use of the software is limited to staff and students of the Calgary Board of Education where the school they are attending is currently licensed for home use of Read & Write.​​​ HERE are the instructions.



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