Calgary Board of Education

2017-18 Applications for NSS

Application packages for the 2017-18 school year are now available. Please download the attached application package and complete. NSS Application


The following must be completed by the deadline referred to below:


Document Checklist:
A. Completed CBE Student Registration Form: Appendix A

............•The student's Birth Certificate, Canadian Citizenship Certificate, Passport, Visa, Permanent Landed Immigrant document or other official document must be submitted along with this form
B. Completed Student/Parent Agreement and Application Processing Fee
C. Completed Either Appendix C or D based on the below:
............Appendix C: If applying to the NSS as a student-athlete affiliated with a specific sport ("sport-specific stream"):
............• National Sport Organization (NSO) or Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) 'sport approval'/endorsement (in a sealed envelope)
............Appendix D: If applying to the NSS as a student-athlete with athletic potential but NOT affiliated with a specific sport
("general athleticism stream")

Submit completed application package unfolded in an 8"x11" envelope by hand or mail to:
RE: NSS Application Process
Admissions Committee
National Sport School
110-151 Canada Olympic Road SW
Calgary Alberta T3B 6B7
Deadline for STEP 1: Application is MARCH 1st . Incomplete applications WILL NOT be considered.



Student Forms

Student Travel Plans - Away form

Course Change Form

School Calendar

2016 - 2017 NSS School Calendar ( in pdf format )


Course Registration Booklet (pdf)

Application for transfer K - 9 CBE school (doc)

Application for transfer High school CBE school (doc)

CTS Courses external to NSS

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Grade 9 Achievement Results

This is a comparative report of results for the National Sport School and the Provincial averages.

Multiyear Report: 2005-2009 for all subject areas

Diploma Results

These are a comparative reports of results for the National Sport School and the Provincial averages by subject area.

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Annual Report

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School Development Plan

2016-17 School Development Plan

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