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Student Exam Information
January Exam Schedule 2016/17
The schedule for January exams will be posted before the end of October. To preserve the integrity and security of the final exam process, students must write their final exams at the scheduled times.
It is the responsibility of all students to ensure that they are fully aware of the final exam schedule. Missed exams due to unfamiliarity with the exam schedule will not constitute a viable excuse.
We understand that families may wish to book holidays during January. We strongly discourage this.
Diploma exam dates are set by the province and we organize all other exams around these dates.
We know that life happens. Exceptions in the magnitude of a medical emergency, major illness or funeral in the immediate family must be approved by the principal. If there is a concern, please contact Mr. Barile.


, Exam Schedule 2017, Schedule to be posted before the end of October, please check back later

Semester One January 16-23

Final Exams June 15-29

You Must Have Photo ID, You may use school Photo, Drivers license or Passport.

If you have questions or concerns regarding Diploma Exams, please contact Assistant Principal, Mr. Tony Barile.

IB Student Exam Information

IB - General Regulations (pdf)

IB Exam Schedule 2017 - May 01-19 Schedule to be posted, please check back later

IB May Exam Schedule ( TBD)