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Henry Wise Wood High School is an accredited IB school that is authorised to offer the Diploma Programme in the form of the Diploma and course Certificates. School policy states that students must take a minimum of two courses in IB.

Students who wish to gain access to the IB Programme must apply and be registered in pre-IB courses in grade ten. The program emphasizes skill development and content enrichment to ease the transition into IB. It is expected that successful pre-IB applicants have a minimum of an 80% in the pre-requisite subject and have a strong recommendation. Application forms are available during November and can be downloaded from the comforts of your home from the CBE website under Programs and Academic Enrichment. Forms can also be obtained at all Junior High Schools and at Henry Wise Wood High School.

Students desiring to enter into pre-IB should be seeking intellectual challenge and be prepared to complete studies that exceed Alberta Education courses. A strong work ethic and a focus on academics as a priority in their lives are expected. Above all, students should have a strong desire to learn more in their chosen courses. Once students have completed their pre-IB course and have registered in an IB course, we expect that they complete the course. We emphasize the importance of commitment once a student is in the formal program to ensure equity and the viability of our program.

Students registered in the IB Programme at Henry Wise Wood High School are evaluated based on Alberta Education standards to derive their Alberta Education mark and on IB standards to derive their IB mark. Standardised tests are used to ensure a fair mark is awarded.

A student’s designated IB Programme is the one in the area in which they reside. To confirm the area in which the student lives, please visit the CBE website under Schools and Areas. Henry Wise Wood is an Area V High School.

Coordinator’s message:

It is a well-known fact that IB students are among the top achievers in post-secondary institutions. Past IB students have repeatedly emphasized how well they were prepared for the numerous challenges they faced during their post-secondary studies. The success stories from our former students are a testimony to the quality of this Programme and all who are involved in it.

The IB Programme at Henry Wise Wood is now in its tenth year and I am pleased to report that it has been very successful and is still expanding. The May 2006 IB exams produced excellent results with a school average of 5.59 points (out of a maximum of 7) compared to a world average of 4.63. Although learning is not solely about marks, more and more universities including our own University of Calgary are awarding scholarships, early admission and course credits based on predicted grades for Full Diploma students. Universities are more than ever aware of the expanding IB Programme and are taking a proactive approach in the recruitment of IB students due mainly to the lobbying from our regional IB associations (ABIB) and students’ academic performances.

Join us for a great educational experience! I hope that we at Henry Wise Wood can help you find the challenges you need.

Thank you for considering Henry Wise Wood as your school of choice. We look forward to working with all candidates who enter the IB Programme. Best wishes for a successful year in your program of studies

F. Fortin
IB Coordinator