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International Baccalaureate

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Registration and Fees

At Henry Wise Wood High School, two candidacy options are offered: the Diploma Programme (aka Full IB) and Certificiate Candidates (aka Partial IB). Students taking the IB Diploma are required to take at least three and no more than four higher level courses and two or three standard level courses, one from each of the six groups of courses, of which one is an elective. In addition, Diploma Candidates must also write an Extended Essay, complete the C.A.S compontent and take the Theory of Knowledge class.

IB marks are reported on a scale of 1 to 7 (1 being a failing mark, seven being excellent). Students need a minimum of 24 accumulated points out of 45 to obtain a Diploma and no less than 12 points must be from (3) HL subjects. Upon completion of the Extended Essay, the Theory of Knowledge class and the C.A.S. hours candidates may obtain 3 extra points (based on results). Please visit the C.A.S and Theory of Knowledge pages for more information.

Alternatively, students may choose a partial IB programme (Certificate) as well as regular Alberta Education curriculum courses. Students will receive a Certificate of Completion for each IB course they complete successfully. The Calgary Board of Education also support IB schools’ policy that students take a minimum of two IB courses and complete both courses (including taking the IB exam).

Annual Fees

The Calgary Board of Education pays an annual fee (over $12 000.) for each accredited IB school. Candidates are required to pay registration, exam and courier fees. For the school year 2011-2012, or May 2012 exam session, the yearly registration fee is $182, each subject exams at $126 and the courier fee at $65. Fees are subject to change yearly. For a student in grade 11 who intends to continue in the Diploma Programe the status for registration in considered as ANTICIPATED and will not have to pay the registration fees in the final year. However if a student chooses to change their status to Certificate Candidate in their final year the registration fee will apply. Lastly, IB deadlines are non-negotiable and non-refundable.