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International Certificate

What is the International Certificate?

The value of the Certificate is in the work and study to get the Certificate. The combined experiences students will have (student conferences, second language study and appreciation, intercultural effectiveness, internationalization of coursework, commitment to an experience of an international nature) over the course of their three years of high school and enrollment in the IC will be valuable to their future work, study, and community engagement.

  • Access to International Opportunities such as: Student Exchange (Alberta Education), Workshops (CAWST), Conferences (Global Youth Summit), International Opportunities (CIDA), International Contests, Internships (Canada World Youth), Volunteer Opportunities (YMCA Calgary)
  • College and University Applications
  • Job Applications
  • Volunteer Applications
  • Scholarship/Grant/Fellowship Applications
  • Demonstration of commitment to Community Engagement
  • Networking with students from all over the planet