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At Henry Wise Wood School our Grade 10 and 11 students share lockers with a student in the same grade.  Recognizing that our students would like to have a choice of partner, we extend this invitation for you to complete and return a Locker Partner Request Form (click here) to us no later than Tuesday, June 28th.  Please note there is a separate form for each grade.  Students need to pick a same grade and gender locker partner.  If we do not receive a request form, we will assign a locker partner for students.  PLEASE COMPLETE and return the locker request form no later than June 28th to the Business Office.  As we assign lockers for next year in early July, we cannot accept any late requests.


Locker Partner Request form:NYR 2016-2017 Grade 10

Locker Partner Request form: NYR 2016- 2017 Grade11