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Lords Coaching Staff / Try-Out Dates

Sport Head Coach Room # E-mail Try-out Dates
Sr. Football Mr. Lindgren 111  August 29, 2018
Sr. Boys Volleyball Mr. Miller P.E Office September 4, 2018
Jr. Boys Volleyball Mr. MacFarlane September 4, 2018
Sr. Girls Volleyball Mr. Boldon P.E Office September 4, 2018
Jr. Girls Volleyball Mr. Bogen P.E Office September 4, 2018
Girls Soccer Mr. Arndt Guidance September 4, 2018
Cross Country Ms. Green September 4, 2018
Swim & Dive Mr. Norman 239 October 1, 2018
Sr. Boys Basketball Mr. MacDonald 113 November 19, 2018
Jr. Boys Basketball Mr. Olsen (AD) P.E Office November 19, 2018
Sr. Girls Basketball Mrs. Cirankewitch P.E Office November 19, 2018
Jr. Girls Basketball Ms. Sunohara 258 November 19, 2018
Badminton Mr. Cook 115 January 31, 2019
Girls Rugby Mrs. Bernard P.E. Office March 11, 2019
Field Hockey Ms. Venter March 11, 2019
Boys Soccer Mr. Adamson 117 March 11, 2019
Track & Field Mr. Olsen (AD) P.E. Office March 11, 2019

*** If you have questions regarding tryouts, please see Mr. Olsen in the PE Office.
*** Athletes MUST have one tryout form PER tryout. Print one off online or get one from outisde PE.


If you are attending LBHS in the fall (2018) and would like to play football you need to pick up your equipment.

This form needs to be signed and handed in to the coach on the first day of try-outs. Athletes cannot try-out without this form completed.


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