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Culinary Arts

Pathway Overview

"Culinary is a very good program because you get to learn a bunch of new techniques with cooking and baking and preparing foods. You also learn a lot about how to actually run a kitchen and be a chef. It is just overall a very interesting process, and you can have a lot of fun while learning"
"When I was in Culinary Arts we made a lot of really enjoyable food each day, which was great considering my dad is a very talented chef! He definitely inspired me to take this class. But it’s disappointing that I’m going to Seton next year so I hope it’s just as good as this one"
"If you want to gain a comprehensive understanding of how a commercial kitchen operates, and also want to expand your culinary knowledge and expertise, than this is the class for you. The amount of progress I have made in this class can’t be overstated"
"The things that I like about this program is that it’s such a great learning environment. You get to meet new people who are interested in what you are and they teach you the necessary skills that you need to go into this type of industry"
"Well something I like about this program…. Umm…. I like #1 that I can cook, #2 it’s sort of relaxing to come to class because it’s less stressing than my other subjects, #3 I get to eat free breakfast and lunch sometimes, and #4 teachers are nice!"

"Culinary is really fun for those who want to enhance your cooking skills. You’re also exposed to modules like hot foods, cold foods, baking. And you can choose which path you want to take"

Culinary Arts 10

The Culinary Arts program offers three levels of cooking through a multidimensional hands on program rich in real world learning & applications. At each level, students have an opportunity to earn 5 credits. The Culinary Arts Program takes place in a commercial kitchen, similar to most professional restaurant kitchens. For those students interested in pursuing cooking as a career, this is the program for you! And for those students wanting to learn a few more tips and tricks in the kitchen, this program is also for you! 

Note: Students must choose either Culinary Arts 10 or Foods 10. They may not register in both.

Culinary Arts Team

Culinary Arts Team

Culinary Arts 20 & 30

Catering Experiences

Catering Experiences

Culinary Arts 20 and 30 expand on knowledge gained in the previous Culinary Arts course. Daily lessons and practical demonstrations are carefully designed to help students gain experience in the safe-handling of food while learning to prepare a variety of cuisine for the school cafeteria and catering experiences.

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