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Culinary Arts

Pathway Overview

Culinary Arts 10

Culinary Arts Team

Culinary Arts Team

This exploratory course introduces students to commercial food preparation and the food industry.

Students learn safe and sanitary food handling procedures, equipment care, comprehension of food recipes and the importance of efficient work habits. While learning the basics of operating in a large kitchen, students prepare a variety of foods for the school cafeteria and catering. They learn how to serve food to customers while maintaining professional dress and conduct. Students who enter Culinary Arts are expected to work one day per week, during the lunch hour.

Note: Students must choose either Culinary Arts 10 or Foods 10. They may not register in both.

Culinary Arts 20 & 30

Catering Experiences

Catering Experiences

Culinary Arts 20 and 30 expand on knowledge gained in the previous Culinary Arts course. Daily lessons and practical demonstrations are carefully designed to help students gain experience in the safe-handling of food while learning to prepare a variety of cuisine for the school cafeteria and catering experiences.

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