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Pathway Overview

Cosmetology 10

Haircutting and Customer Service

Wave, curl, and style hair
using a variety of equipment,
tools, and techniques.

This exploratory course introduces students to the basics of hairstyling and hair design techniques. Students develop increased appreciation and significance of personal grooming, as well as the knowledge and skills required to maintain personal health and safety. Students will learn to analyze the condition of the hair and scalp and how to use products safely and effectively. They will also identify the basic structures and functions of the skin and perform basic skin care practices. Students will work to wave, curl, and style hair using a variety of equipment, tools, and techniques. Upon entering the course, students are provided with all necessary equipment.

Students are charged a disposable product fee.


Cosmetology 20 & 30

Students will expand on their knowledge gained in the previous Cosmetology course and will apply new skills such as haircutting, colouring, permanent waving, and customer service.

Students purchase a professional hairstyling kit which includes all supplies necessary to become a hairstylist (e.g. combs, brushes, capes, shears, blow-dryer, straightening iron, etc.) Students who are left-handed may wish to purchase sheers over and above the cost of the kit. Students earn 20 credits in Cosmetology 20 and 25 credits in Cosmetology 30. Students who wish to enter this course will be committed to the program for their Complimentary Courses. Completing all 50 courses in Cosmetology leads students to qualify for further advancement to complete the apprentice expectations.

Apprentice Program

Haircutting and Customer Service

Haircutting and Customer Service

Upon graduation from high school and with the support of an employer, the individual may then enter into the post-secondary apprenticeship program as a First Period Apprentice with advanced standing. Students must successfully complete a total of 50 courses and 700 hours to earn all credits and be eligible for apprenticeship. Lord Beaverbrook’s objective is for every student to successfully pass the written and practical Alberta Provincial Exam to become a Licensed Hairstylist.

We recommend that students maintain a mark of 70% and above in all 50 courses to prepare them for the written and practical exam. Please see the next page for the apprenticeship course planner.


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