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Pathway Overview

Foods 10

Food Preparation

Food Preparation

This exploratory course introduces students to personal food preparation.

Students learn safe and sanitary food handling procedures, equipment care and the comprehension of food recipes. They are introduced to food and nutrition basics and learn how to plan a meal through hands-on cooking and baking. Students will enjoy the wide variety of foods they are able to prepare while working with peers. Students who possess the skills to learn independently, manage time effectively and have an interest in cooking will find success in this course stream.

Students must choose either Foods 10 or Culinary Art 10. They may not register in both.



Foods 20

Food Preparation

Food Students

Foods 20 continues to build on personal food preparation skills started in Foods 10. Students learn a variety of cooking techniques and styles to build on these skills. Students will learn how to work independently and within a group, honing skills needed to prepare and cook food for themselves.

Foods 30

Skill & Creativity in Cake Design

Skill & Creativity in Cake Design

Foods 30 further enhances a student’s ability to cook on their own. They will learn detailed recipes and become increasingly independent in the kitchen. Students will explore everything from baking to meat preparation to regional cuisine.


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