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Video and Animation

Program Overview

Video and Animation Cluster Overview

Animation and Film Production

Video production students

Video and Audio Production

This course is designed to introduce students to the fields of Digital Animation and Video and Audio Production. Students will explore the elements of art and principles of design and will learn how to skilfully apply them using 2D and 3D software applications. They will gain an understanding of the design process and work to create movies, soundtracks, animation sequences, and HTML-based websites.

Animation 20 & 30

Students who enter this stream have an interest in digital animation and web page design. Students will create computer assisted cartoon animation, narratives, and abstract motion graphics. In 3D animation, students will create projects using 3D objects, graphic images, special effects, and sound effects. They will also learn to create dynamic web pages using HTML code and Adobe Dreamweaver Software.

Video & Broadcasting

Video production students

Video Broadcasting

Students who enter this stream have an interest in Video Production and Broadcasting. Students will acquire skills in all aspects of production including planning, recording, and editing both video and audio tracks. They will work with a variety of equipment including HD video cameras, green screens, lighting, sound boards, and other post-production software and equipment. Students will work on a variety of projects within the school and community that will enhance their ability to produce a professional, finished product

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