Calgary Board of Education

Trades, Manufacturing and Transportation (TMT) Cluster

Program Overview

The TMT cluster focuses on skills and knowledge related to the design, construction, fabrication, and maintenance of a product. This cluster includes courses that relate to manufacturing, processing, utilities, construction, mechanics, fabrication, trades supervision, trades contracting, logistics, transportation, and heavy equipment.


Occupational Areas

Construction Develop skills in the use of tools and materials used in construction processes. Safely transform common wood materials into useful products.
Electro-Technologies Provide technical support and services in the design, development, testing, production, service, repair and operation of electrical and electronic equipment and systems.
Fabrication Develop skills in the use of tools and materials used in fabrication processes. Safely transform common metals into useful products.
Mechanics Inspect, diagnose, repair and service mechanical, electrical and electronic systems and components or cars and light commercial transport trucks.


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