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Course Sequence


Dance 15

"Very friendly, very exciting, and extremely supportive environment" - Olivia P.
"An awesome place to put your creativity into motion" - Etta
"The class becomes a home away from home in the best way!" - Jayla
"A place with no pressure, no judgment, in a community that supports you" - Madi

"You don’t need to be good!" - John and Elijah

Students who enroll in this sequence learn all aspects of dance including theoretical and technical aspects. Students gain knowledge in leading a healthy lifestyle and practice the skills to be a confident learner and performer. Students work in groups to develop choreographed routines while they explore many different genres of music.

Professional dance studio with hardwood sprung dance floor. Major dance production each semester. Dance performances in state-of- the-art theatre. Opportunity to actively participate and choreograph dances for student performance. Jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, ballet, broadway, ethnic plus more genres of dance offered.


Dance Show

Dance Show

Dance 25, 35

These courses continue to expand on the dance techniques and theory components of the previous dance course. Students will be challenged with more difficult choreography and higher expectations in terms of risk taking and creativity.

Students must complete Dance 15 before progressing into these courses. Students are expected to participate in at least one dance performance per semester.

Dance Composition 35

Dance Show

Dance Show

This course expands on the dance techniques and theory previously learned, with an additional focus on the principles of composition and performance. Students will study different choreographic principles and incorporate these findings into new work.

Students are expected to participate in at least one dance performance per semester.


  • Major Dance production each semester
  • Classes taught in an extra large hardwood sprung dance floor, ideal for reducing dance injuries and enhancing dancers’ performances
  • Dance Performances in State of the Art Theatre
  • Opportunity to actively participate and choreography dances that students will perform
  • Hip hop, jazz, ballet, lyrical, ethnic and more genres of dance offered
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