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Drama 10, 20, 30

Our Drama program provides students with many theatrical, personal and social opportunities. In the classroom, students are challenged to develop skills in all areas of the theatre and to explore themselves as artists. This includes developing communication and teamwork skills while working in a variety of groups. Students practice maintaining a positive attitude and continue working on active participation within a variety of situations. Drama students enjoy one school trip to the theatre each semester, to view and critique at least one performance.


Scene from the Drowsy Chaperone

Advanced Acting/Touring

Students enrolled in this course have successfully auditioned for an LBHS theatre production. They have a desire to go beyond regular drama class work and a passion for working in an ensemble toward a full-scale production in our 450 seat theatre. These courses are offered outside of the regular timetable to allow students to enjoy multiple Fine and Performing Arts courses.

Musical Theatre

Drowsy Chaperone

Drowsy Chaperone

Students enrolled in this course have a strong desire to explore singing, dancing, acting and choreography in a challenging, supportive atmosphere. Students will love experimenting with style and character and are willing to both lead and collaborate. Students enrolled in these courses have access to two teachers to enable maximum growth as a triple-threat performer! Students enjoy one school trip to see and critique a professional Musical Theatre production each year.

Technical Theatre

Students enrolled in this series have an interest in being part of the “magic” behind the scenes! Students in these courses have opportunities to design and build all aspects of a show related to prop and set construction, hanging and focusing lights, and recording and mixing sound in our professional grade construction shop, recording studio and our state-of-the-art 450 seat theatre. Students enrolled in these courses have multiple opportunities to be Stage Managers, Lightboard Operators, and Soundboard/Computer Operators for our theatrical productions as well as outside bookings of our theatre.


  • Two High Performance Improv Groups
  • Nominated twice for the American High School Theatre Festival; includes performances at the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival in Scotland
  • Yearly performances at the Calgary High School Drama festival
  • State of the art 463-seat theatre with fly gallery


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