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Course Sequence

For students with no previous knowledge of Spanish:Spanish Course Sequence

Spanish 10-3Y

This introduction to Spanish will familiarize the student with the basics of the language. Students will develop skills in each of the following areas: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Acquisition of language-learning strategies will be emphasized in preparation for further learning. There will be a general overview of Spanish cultures across the world. Units include food, clothing, directions, talks, legends and professions.

Spanish 20-3Y

This course offers a chance to solidify and broaden a student’s basic knowledge of the language and their ability to express themselves in simple conversation Advanced grammar and vocabulary will be developed through writing and oral presentations. There will be a focus on certain geographical areas to develop an understanding of the cultural aspects and the appreciation of similarities and differences of Spanish-speaking societies.

Students who enter this course have completed Spanish 10-3Y with a recommended final mark of 65% or have at least 3 years of Spanish language experience.

Spanish 30-3Y

Students will apply more speech patterns to express increasingly complex conversations. They will combine knowledge acquired to develop a personal style and become familiar with some aspects of translation. More attention is given to cultural and historical aspects of the Spanish speaking world.

Students who enter this course have completed Spanish 20-3Y with a recommended final mark of 65% or speak Spanish fluently.

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