Calgary Board of Education

System Placement Special Education Programs

Adapted Learning Program (ALP)

ALP Program

The ALP program is for secondary age students with mild to moderate cognitive disabilities and mild adaptive delays. The goal of the ALP program is to provide students with supported vocational opportunities and integration with LBHS students. The curriculum includes the development of literacy, numeracy, and communication skills with inclusion in complementary subjects, clubs, sports, and special events, as appropriate. At the high school level, CBE has a partnership with Vecova to support work experience placements and transition to the adult world. The unique points about this program include Individualized Program Plans (IPP’s), modified curriculum, instructional accommodations, low student to staff ratio, and consultation with outside support services.

The Class Program

The Class is a program for students who have historically struggled with internalizing mental health issues and require extra care and support to be successful in their high school experience. Students become eligible for the program through consultation with an area specialist. Within The Class program, students are provided with an individualized academic plan in which their academic goals are developed keeping mental health needs as the main priority. Students are integrated into classes within the general population of Lord Beaverbrook or take courses in The Class setting through CBE-Learn. The Class is supported with a Resource Teacher, Behavioural Support worker, and guest psychologists, psychiatrists and mental health therapists.

Paced Learning Program

The Paced Learning Program is for students who have been identified with a mild cognitive disability. This program helps students become more independent in their home, community and workplace through the development of: communication; functional academic skills (i.e. literacy and numeracy); daily living skills and problem solving skills
At the secondary level programming also includes a focus on appropriate functional life and work skills such as: time-management; self-advocacy; citizenship; community involvement; and recreation.

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