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Exam Schedules and Information

English Language Arts and Social Studies Final Exams

Attention: In order to accommodate the use of technology to write Part A final examinations, these exams will be booked in December, January, May and June on regularly scheduled instructional days. Exact dates, times and locations will be posted as soon as they become available.

Lord Beaverbrook Examination Policy

The examination policy of Lord Beaverbrook High School is designed to ensure examination consistency, fairness and security. Students in Grades 10, 11 and 12 must write their Final Examinations at the times stipulated in the January and June examination schedules.

  1. Admittance to the Examination Room and Examination Seating
    Students may not enter or leave the examination room without the consent of the supervising teacher(s). Students will be seated in alphabetical order by surname for diploma exams and by teacher for all 10 and 20 level courses. All students with approved IPP and ESL accommodations will write in the learning commons or in the location specified in the exam schedule. Students must sign in on the Examination Record sheet.
  2. Student Identification
    Students must have picture ID (school identification, driver’s license, current passport) to write their examinations.
  3. Late Arrivals
    Students who arrive more than one hour after the examination has started will not be allowed to write the examination. Students who arrive late but within the first hour of exam start time may be allowed to write at the discretion of the Assistant Principal responsible for Examinations.
  4. Writing Time
    Students must write a Final Examination within the specified time and may not hand in the examination paper until at least one hour of the examination time has elapsed.
  5. Clothing and Bags
    Students must not wear hats, gloves, purse, backpacks, hoodies or outerwear such as jackets, coats and large bulky boots during an examination. Students who refuse to take off these items will be removed from the examination room and receive a mark of 0 for the examination. All bags and backpacks should be left at home or placed in lockers and will not be allowed in the examination room. Lord Beaverbrook is not responsible for lost or stolen equipment left unsupervised during exams. The main office will not be available to supervise student property.
  6. Cell Phones, Watches or other Electronic Devices
    Cell phones, Watches or other electronic devices (such as digital music players, iPod, electronic translators, etc.) are not permitted in the examination room. Students are to leave these devices at home or in their lockers. If the supervising teacher(s) finds these items in the examination room during the examination time, the student in possession of the electronic device will receive a mark of 0 for the examination. Lord Beaverbrook is not responsible for lost or stolen equipment left unsupervised during exams. The main office will not be available to supervise student property.
  7. Calculators
    Calculators required for mathematics and science exams will be cleared as per Alberta Education policy. The covers of the calculators will be removed and placed on the floor below the examination desk.
  8. Examination Security
    Any breaches of examination security will result in the individuals involved receiving a mark of 0 for the examination. The incident will be investigated, and other consequences as determined by the Principal may be applied. This year Alberta Education has begun monitoring all of the Diploma Examination results to disclose possible examination breaches.
  9. Loitering
    Upon completion of each exam, students are requested not to gather in the main foyer due to noise concerns. Students are requested to either leave the building or wait in the student cafeteria.
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