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Student Handbook
Attendance Policy

At Lord Beaverbrook High School we believe that regular and punctual attendance is essential to student success in High School. The following will guide actions taken to address student un-excused, non-attendance at school.

An Extended Absence Form must be completed and submitted by the student to the Assistant Principal for absences of three or more consecutive days. These forms are available from the Main Office or website and must be submitted before the absence occurs.

Parent(s)/guardian(s) are expected to contact the school if child is unable to attend a class or the school day.

# of Un-Excused Absences Action Who
3 - Teacher-student conversation Teacher
- Contact with parent Teacher
5 - Teacher email Guidance referral Teacher
- Guidance-student conversation
- Guidance inform Assistant Principal
7 - Teacher formal referral to Assistant Principal Teacher
  - Assistant Principal-student conversation Assistant Principal
10 - Suspension from school for 2 days Assistant Principal
  - Parent meeting with Assistant Principal Assistant Principal
  - Attendance Improvement Plan established Assistant Principal
13 - Withdrawn from class
- If the student is withdrawn from two classes in a semester, they will be engaged with the Assistant Principal and a counselled withdrawal for the remainder of the semester.
Assistant Principal

If a student brings a parent note to explain the absence, it must be shown to classroom teachers and then submitted to the Main Office for recording in the attendance data-base. Students are responsible for obtaining and completing all missed work related to any absence.

Cell Phone Etiquette

I will use my cell phone at school in a way that is respectful of others.
Cell phone users can take these steps to avoid interfering with learning and offending others.

Depending on the classroom and activities, individual policies of teachers may differ slightly regarding cell/SMART phone usage. Students are expected to meet teacher expectations.

Suggestions for proper etiquette in the classroom could include:

  1. Be there! When in class, silence your phone and let calls/text messages go to voicemail to avoid a disruption. In most instances, turning your phone off may be the best solution.
  2. Don’t text message in class. This also goes for playing games, checking your email, and doing anything else with your cell phone. You are not going to be able to make effective use of time when you are distracted.
  3. Be discrete when listening to music. As with iPods/MP3, adjust the volume based on honouring the learning of others.

Outside the classroom:

  1. No cell phones in the office, theater or other designated quiet places. People are trying to study or work. Keep your voice down and talk normally. Be polite!
  2. Be aware of your surroundings. Outside of the classroom, keep it private. Don’t annoy people with your ring tone, keep the volume down or more importantly set your cell phone on vibrate. Stay away from ring tones that people might find offensive or annoying.
Computer & Internet Policy

Access and Responsibility

Electronic networkable devices and network access require teacher permission and supervision. Printing student work is permitted with staff permission. All students are eligible to receive a CBE e-mail account. By utilizing the school’s computers and/or the wireless network, the following agreement is accepted.

As with any personal belonging that a student brings to school, the school cannot be held responsible for electronic devices that are lost, stolen, or damaged. School tech support will not trouble shoot student devices.
Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Resources

The privilege to use devices and/or networks is dependent on the level of responsibility shown by individual students. It is our intent to have all students access these tools for learning on an ongoing basis. The following acts and prohibited sites constitute inappropriate use and may endanger students, and/or possibly damage the network, hardware, and/or software.

Prohibited acts include:

  • Use of network blue cable to access school network.
  • Use of someone else’s CBE account or access to network.
  • Sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures.
  • Using obscene language.
  • Harassing, insulting or attacking another person or their reputation.
  • Trespassing in other people’s folders, work or files.
  • Accessing, posting, sending or downloading of inappropriate material.
  • Assuming the identity of another person to gain information.
  • Viewing web pages through a proxy server.
  • Running an application/program from a memory stick/jump drive.
  • In any way moving, opening hardware or computer accessories.
  • Any attempt and/or threats to harm a person.
  • Plagiarism of online content.
  • Posting, publishing, circulating or distributing personal information about oneself or others without the supervision and consent of a staff member.
  • Sharing of usernames and passwords for other people to use.
  • Use of technology or the network to access sites/software not approved by staff.

Students must respect intellectual property and adhere to copyright, software piracy and fair dealing laws associated with learning technologies.

Prohibited Sites include:

  • Vulgar or lewd depiction of the human body.
  • Any content publicly labelled for adults.
  • Violent acts.
  • On-line gambling.
  • Sites that encourage the use of illicit or illegal drugs, tobacco, weapons, or alcohol.
  • Sites that advocating violence or hatred against an identifiable group. ie. race, religion, gender, disabilities, age, colour, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Sites promoting criminal activity.

Each situation is dealt with on an individual basis. Breach of policy may result in:

  • Police intervention and/or legal action.
  • School based disciplinary consequences as per posted user agreement.
  • Restrictions or loss of computer/personal electronic devices and/or network access privileges as per the following:


Any computer vandalism requires administration involvement. Cost of replacement and/or labour and parts to repair the school computer/technology may be charged to the student.

1st Offence - The student is given a warning if engaging in any computer and/or website use deemed inappropriate by the supervising teacher, which will be recorded in the student’s record.

2nd Offence - The student will receive an internet suspension for five days, which will be recorded in the student’s record.

3rd Offence - Student internet access will be suspended for the remainder of the term. The suspension will be recorded in the student’s record.

Participation in the Graduation Ceremony / Banquet

Participation in Graduation Ceremonies requires students to meet the requirements for a High School Diploma or Certificate by June 30 of the Gr. 12 year.

In addition, students must: be achieving 50% in all Semester 1 and 2 courses at the time of the posted graduating list, approximately three weeks before graduation ceremonies; be in regular attendance; meet of exceed stated expectations for student academic performance and behavior as outlined in the Lord Beaverbrook High School Code of Conduct.

The required graduation fee must be paid.

Students not meeting expectations for participation in the graduation ceremony will be permitted to attend the graduation banquet at the discretion of Administration.

More information on graduation

ID Cards
All students are required to carry their ID cards at all times while in the school and on school property. They must be able to produce or show their ID card to any staff member or School Resource Officer upon request. Students who forget or lose their ID card will be required to purchase a replacement ID for $5.00 from the Learning Commons.
Substance Use and Gambling Policy
The distribution of or active contact with illicit drugs, alcohol or inhalants, use of tobacco, tobacco related products (e.g. snuff, chewing tobacco, e-cigarettes), gambling and participation in games of chance for money or other items of value are prohibited.


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