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Jack James High School
5105 - 8 Avenue SE, Calgary AB T2A 4M1 | Grades 10-12
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Welcome to Jack James High School

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Jack James High School is a Knowledge and Employability school for students who learn best through an experiential and personalized learning approach. Jack James High School promotes academic success through a number of supports that work toward the primary goal of high school completion. The school currently offers both a Knowledge & Employability Certificate and/or a High School Diploma, in addition to two non-credit Pace Learning Program (PLP) classes. The central focus of the school is to successfully transition students from high school to the workplace, apprenticeships, and post-secondary.


Our work at Jack James High School is purposeful around our motto of Pride, Perseverance and Integrity. It involves a partnership between staff, students, parents and external resources to provide our students with support and growth opportunities to become confident, goal oriented citizens who are employable in a demanding and adaptive society. As individuals and as a collective we promote and develop an environment that is accountable and proud of our accomplishments. This teaches us to never give up, and to believe in our talents while striving to do what's best and right.

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