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Art Media

Jack James Photography

All photos were taken by the students in Art Media class. Using the rules of composition, these students have demonstrated their incredible skills and talents when it comes to capturing the beauty of the world around them. Senior Art Media students took all of their photographs in full manual mode, requiring them to understand how to control the cameras shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. These are just a small sample of the amazing work being done here at Jack James High School! Picture

Art Media Photography

Art Media Junior

In the Junior Art Media class, students will learn the basic rules of composition and how they are used to maximize the aesthetic value of a photograph, printed work, or animation. They will be trained in the basic operation of a DSLR camera, and will be given opportunities to practice with this equipment. Students will also be introduced to Adobe Flash, a powerful program that can be used to draw or animate a cartoon scene. Students will complete the Junior level course with the skill necessary to advance to the Senior Art Media class.

Art Media Senior

In the Senior Art Media course, students will expand on their knowledge of composition by studying more advanced techniques and operations. They will be trained in the specific components of a camera, and will be able to take a photograph in full manual mode. Students will also use various lenses to understand how principles like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO effect the outcome of their photograph. In the second half of the class, students will learn how to use 3Ds Max, a powerful 3D animation program. Students will be able to create models and animate them to create short, but detailed movies. Each year a team of animators will be selected to represent Jack James high school at the Provincial Skills competition.