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Courses at SWC

Sir Winston Churchill offers a rich curricular and community-building program. The variety of courses offers students an opportunity to pursue interests and prepare for post-secondary opportunities. Students at Sir Winston Churchill are also encouraged to participate in their choice of activities from a broad selection of extra-curricular programs. It is our belief that programs both in and out of the classroom support a strong sense of community.

Please scroll down to see a list of course offered at Sir Winston Churchill High School.

What Are Credits?

  • Credits are received for successful completion of a course (minimum 50%).
  • A course taken for a full semester earns 5 credits. A course taken for half a semester (one term) earns 3 credits.
  • Credits can be earned only once in any one course.

Course Numbers

  • Grade 10 courses begin with the number 1 or Introductory - i.e. 10, 101, etc.
  • Grade 11 courses begin with the number 2 or Intermediate - i.e. 20, 24, 201, 202, etc.
  • Grade 12 courses begin with the number 3 or Advanced - i.e. 30, 31, 35, 301, 302, etc.


The Career and Technology Program of Studies offers students the opportunity to explore complementary courses that can develop and cultivate their individual talents, interests and abilities.  These courses can help students:

  • prepare for entry into the workplace and/or related post-secondary programs
  • develop daily living skills
  • investigate career skills

Alberta Education has reorganized the Career and Technology Program of Studies from the original 22 “strands” to 5 occupational “clusters”.  The occupational clusters are based on the National Occupational Classifications (NOC).  The 5 occupational clusters include:  Business, Finance and Information Technology (BIT), Trade, Manufacturing and Transportation (TMT), Media, Design and Communication Arts (MDC), Health, Recreation and Human Services (HRH) and Natural Resources (NAT).  The intent of this reorganization is to make it easier for students to develop a personal “pathway” when planning for post-secondary education or employment after high school.  A pathway is a series of high school courses that reflect a student’s interests and abilities.

Advanced Level courses may be used to satisfy Alberta high school diploma requirements.  Depending upon the university and faculty chosen, advanced level C.T.S. courses may be used for university entrance purposes. They may also be used for the Rutherford scholarship.

Knowledge and Employability (K&E) Programming

Although our planning guide does not outline a specific K&E program, we welcome K&E students into our population. We will work with individual students to create a personalized program to meet their learning needs. If you are designated to Sir Winston Churchill and require K&E programming, please make an appointment with the appropriate guidance counsellor to begin this process.